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Maybe some of you have met me at PyLadies Stockholm or PyCon Sweden events. I just love connecting with people about my favourite programming language. …

Companies are striving for diverse teams and want to see more women joining the tech industry. Joining is the first step, but we also need to ensure that people have the same opportunities and don’t leave the industry due to frustration and lack of career perspectives.

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Let me provide some…

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If you have some basic knowledge in data analysis with Python Pandas and are curious about PySpark and don’t know where to start, tag along.

Python Pandas encouraged us to leave excel tables behind and to look at data from a coder perspective instead. Data sets became bigger and bigger, turned from data bases to data files and into data lakes. Some smart minds from Apache blessed us with the Scala based framework Spark to…

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How often were you thinking about trying out a new hobby or picking up an old one, but it seems like there is never really enough time to actually do it?

I love trying out new crafts and sports mostly just out of curiosity. In that way I got into…

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As usual, when starting looking for information when learning a new skill or about a new topic, it’s difficult to find relevant resources.

Especially technical topics can feel intimidating to even start in the first place.

Python wasn’t the first language I learned, but it is by far my favorite…

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Book Review of The Culture Code from Daniel Coyle and Reflection for Software Teams

My goal for the last years has been to read at least one book per month. During my free time occupations I picked up more and more responsibility so that I felt the need to learn more about group dynamics and leadership. In the bookshelf of one company that I…

Christine Winter

Working with tech and caring about people

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